Ghosts of the Morning Sun

by Will Cookson

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paul orzech Hands down, my favorite album of 2016. This will likely be an all time favorite. I don't remember getting into an album this much in a long long time (10+ years). I can't even remember the last time I listened to so much on's actually kind of embarrassing... great stuff!!!
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Recorded in rural Herefordshire (UK) and with support from several highly talented musicians, Will's new album features guitar, piano and cello delicately woven around an array of intimate lyrical themes. A return to traditional recording techniques has moreover helped capture a rich, organic soundscape, best experienced through the vinyl release. For those in need of an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, 'Ghosts of the Morning Sun' provides a portal into the deep and intangible seas of thought, dream and imagination.


released October 28, 2016



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Track Name: Something in my Head
It’s 5am and in an hour I’m gonna leave you babe
And the sparrows are singing from the garden shed
Seems nothing’s understood in this life but that the time it ticks on
And you don’t get it back, just got to get outta bed

Ooooo, oooooo, there’s something in my head or my heart
Think someone hid it there from the very start

Shadows on the sea I got a record in my brain that was broken long ago
It’s been skipping my whole life and now the needle’s come free
But the writing’s on the wall and I’ve got a devil in my soul that I need to excise
I’m becoming the man I never wanted to be

Ooooo, oooooo, and nothing’s gonna change but who we are
No nothing’s gonna change, just the sun and the stars
Track Name: As the Devil Pleases
There’s something burning in your chest
Hand on the knife when there’s nothing left
For you to aim for but your heart

And through the dark I’ll search for you
And in the twilight watch the moon
Still shining on, still shining on

Broken ice on an empty sea
The haunted souls wait there for me
In the darkness of my dreams

Frozen sky and scattered hope
You tie your arms around the rope
And hoist the sail to pull you on

Ooooo pitseleh where have you gone?
Ooooo where did you leave your haystack charm?

Hidden cracks in your head
Tightrope walk across the web
And do your best to carry on

And though I’ll never know you now
I’m gonna love you anyhow
And I’ll find my peace within your song

Ooooo pitseleh where have you gone?
Ooooo where did you leave your haystack charm?
Track Name: Stickfigure Dreams
Had a dream last night
that we were birds and we could fly
above the bright white clouds
in your felt-tip sky

And the fields far below
were gold and green as the sun sank low
behind the zigzag mountains
that you drew in the snow

And we sat on the lollipop trees
kissed the summer breeze
blowing from the oceans far away
painted on the sand
the universe held in your hands
for the first time

If the colours in your pen
could draw the world anew and then
we could live there as stickpeople
and feel whole again

We’d run into the streams
swim through our dreams
and we’d sail upon the oceans far away
build houses on the sand
made of matchsticks in our hands
for the first time

And I’ll meet you in my dreams
your watercolour scenes
and we’ll fly above the houses
far away
Track Name: What a Lovely Day
I’ll have a dream where I’m sailing on a white ship in the sky
and I’m not back at school or drowning or being chased by anyone

And we’ll lie in bed and let the light beams kiss our weary eyes
and watch as the tiny particles of dust dance in the sun

And on the radio they’ll play a song we’ve not heard in years
and it’ll be almost as if we could inhabit the thoughts of our former selves

And I’ll read some poetry from a leather-bound anthology
that I borrowed indefinitely from my grandmother’s old wooden shelves

Hmmm what a lovely day
Hmmm why don’t you stay
Hmmm please won’t you stay

We’ll take a stroll through town and kick the leaves that line the streets
and maybe have a coffee in a quirky independent café

And you’ll read the papers and I’ll write a novel on my Macbook Air
about the adventures of a young man living in the USA

And though there’s a famine in Darfur and a civil war in Chad
The music in the background’ll let us know it’s really all ok

And we’ll order cake because it’s Saturday and we deserve a treat
And what’s the point of living if you can’t have cake on a Saturday

Hmmm what a lovely day
Hmmm why don’t you stay
Hmmm please won’t you stay
Track Name: Dead Leaves
Pale sun on an August sea
Now the picture’s fading from your bedroom wall
Black mirror watches while you sleep
Yellow dress on the floor

Cold nights are drawing in again
Another future’s left with the summer it seems
Dark clouds still haunt the little boy
In the quiet of his dreams

Oh I know that your lover broke your heart
Oh I know that you feel all alone
And I know that the world’s got no use for us
And that all this’ll go

Don’t walk, don’t walk the red man’s flashing still
Cold rain runs in rivers down your neck
Dead leaves, dead leaves choke the iron grills
That summer’s never coming back
Track Name: Worthing Beach
I hear the seagulls crying in my dreams
Over ice cream cones dropped in the sand
And all the castles that we made for the tide to wash away
Have gone the same way as the boy now he’s a man

Down by the sea all those clouded memories
Of caramacs and penny arcades on the pier
And the liners in the mist and a longing that persists
Like an echo in my mind over the years

And I’m trapped in a dream like a ghost beside the sea
Forever wandering the surf in search of home
And then I’m back at the start where we played murder in the dark
And built a treehouse in the garden in the snow

Oh rocking horse in the spare room in the dark
That little girl that used to love you now has gone
Over hills you would glide and through haunted forests fly
As you outran the past but now your future’s done

And on Worthing Beach there’s a tide that’s out of reach
Whispers still of dreams forgotten long ago
Oh let the sirens sing of ferris wheels and all the things
We used to love as kids but then had to let go

And on that wheel we will spin back to where it all begins
And the sand castles return into the sea
And the names that we drew into the sand will be lost too
Within the oceans of our minds just like a dream
Track Name: Grandmother's Ghost
Timbuktu, she smiled and said I’m off and I won’t be back anytime soon
And she made a boat of pillows on the duvet sea as she set sail across the room

Oh mum, she said, don’t worry about me I know it’s a scary world, but I’ll be ok
Oh daddy don’t you lose no sleep, I’ll still be your little girl when I’m old and grey

Now she sits alone on a sofa in the sun and wonders where on earth it all did go
That little girl had made her oh so many plans but they weren’t to be, still life goes on

And oh daughter, she says, don’t forget about me, I know that my day is done but I’ve still got time
And oh son won’t you go out and seek a better life than I could find

Grandmother’s ghost in the hall, she haunts my dreams, oh I miss you
Grandmother’s ghost oh she came into your room last night and kissed you
Track Name: Still Life
Oil and resin like blood on the floor
Flowers and feathers strung up on the wall
Another white canvas stretched to the frame
Did the fear of failure haunt you the same?

Toronto to London your paints in your arm
Came out with a medal and your scars from the war
Would you switch it for all the success of your peers?
Oh where are you now got lost to the years


Sun on the water, another red dawn
Was the mist around Hammersmith Bridge getting worn?
When the colours were fading under the stars
Were you still trying to paint that ache in your heart?
Track Name: White Horses
Through water she runs, runs by the sea,
Just like the old willow said she would in her dreams

As onto the sand bare-footed she strides
Leaving her footprints in a trail for the tide

Cold river run from the snow
Into the lines of white horses as they carry you home

Dream-giver, give me a sign
That I’m not just a spare and I’m not just wasting your time

In darkness she swims, swims through the night
Collecting the stars where they fell down from the sky

And into the deep she’ll sink with her soul
And she’ll hide in the blackness at the bottom of it all

Dark angel fly into the dawn
And carry our dreams into the sun to stay warm

Stormbringer let sleeping dogs lie
And shine like the sun into another dark sky

Dark angel fly into the night
Carry our prayers into the waning moonlight

Dreambringer we’ll never know why
You shine like the stars over another dark sky
Track Name: Into that Darkness
Been staring at the void too long
my blue skies have turned black
and the creepers that you cut down
from my walls have all grown back

Tomorrow runs ahead just like
an old way through the wood
been trodden many times before
but it’s no clearer understood

Where on earth it’s taking us
and how we’re meant to choose
when it forks around the bend
and either way we lose

In my head I played the part
of the lover who was stung
an innocent abandoned
in the dark when he was young

But when I see more clearly
through the lies of my little play
I was just as much the wolf
out hunting for its prey

Oh love I know I’ve let you down
and all the promises I made
and with all that anger
I’ll go to my grave

I’ve travelled far off countries
I’ve seen many far out things
but I’ve never left this man-shaped cage
or shaken off this skin

Got a picture of the little boy
as he reached towards the sun
but now more sand’s gone through the glass
than there’s still left to run

And when the lamp is burning low
and the stitches slip their seams
into that darkness
we’ll go with our dreams
Track Name: In the Light of the Stars
Well now we’ve hit a wall
And made the world seem so small
Let’s ease our troubled minds
Leave all the bad dreams behind

We’ve been growing old
Too young too young
And it’s getting cold
In the sun in the sun

And in green fields we’ll lie
The summer breezes our song
And the night will see us home
And by the dawn we’ll be gone

We’ve been growing old
Too soon too soon
I couldn’t keep a hold
A hold of you

And I want to die
With my head in your arms
And with your daydreams lie
In the light of the stars
Track Name: Ariadne's Waltz
Time take me back through carousel dreams and zoetrope scenes
She stood in the rain beside the ghost train
Lost in the steam so I couldn’t quite see her

Love let me go from candyfloss eyes and bumper car rides
Under flickering lights and teenage delight
As big-dipper cries drift over the pier
Her arms drew me near

And through the fading light we wandered the empty roads
As I rolled out a thread so we could find our way home

Hope fly away from harbour light skies and Wurlitzer sighs
As the marching band slows and the gas lamps glow
The old couples glide away from their years

Fear release my soul as the acrobats swing from highwire rings
We’ll fall through the night our fortunes bright
As the fat lady sings and the thinning crowd cheers
We’ll laugh through our tears

And into the swirling mists we’ll waltz the endless road
As I let go the thread so we can find our way home